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Our Family

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's Autumn Time, It's Autumn Time

We had a very busy October. I love this season. I love the beginning of all of the holidays and I love the fall weather. It is cool and beautiful and colorful and I love sweaters and soup. It suits me well. Here are some of our recent happenings, but not in order since I don't feel like rearranging the pictures. :)

Avri had a very cute preschool program. Since she is the oldest, every new thing that she does is so fun for us. We went to the preschool and the kids were all dressed up and performed songs and finger plays for us and showed us some of the new things that they have been learning. I took mostly videos, and this was the only picture I got, I guess. Don't know what she's looking at. :)
We carved pumpkins which was quite the undertaking this year. We let the kids pick their own patterns and help clean the pumpkins out and Kendall carved them. They picked some fairly difficult ones, especially Talmage's spider web. Here they are all holding their patterns with their aprons on.
Here are the finished products.
We had a Ward Halloween Party that was quite the undertaking. We were short a couple of Activities Committee members since they had a brand new baby, so it left a bit more work for me, but it was a fun activity. The decorations come together nicely.
These were a couple of the winners of the pumpkin carving contest.
And the games were all a big hit. Everyone LOVES this activity.
And of course, it wouldn't be a Halloween Activity without trick-or-treating. I think Grandpa let Sadie pick a couple of extra candies out of his bowl. :) She just LOVED it this year. I would try to hold her bag for her, but she would NOT let go of it for anything! She was too funny.
Here the kids are all dressed up for the party. Talmage made a great pirate, Sadie wore the poodle skirt that I made her and Avri was Alice in Wonderland.
I just think this picture is cute. Sadie enjoys popcorn as much as her Daddy.
And of course, there are lots and lots of leaves around. We've already devoted a number of days to picking up leaves and playing in them.
Aren't these kids the cutest? All ready for trick-or-treating. We picked a slightly warmer costume for Sadie for the outdoor festivities.We kept asking the kids if they were ready to go home yet, but they wanted to keep going.
So much fun. I love fall.


Sunny said...

YEA! Your kids are the cutest! I remember when Avri was just getting into Halloween! It makes it so much more fun when kids get into the holidays. :) Did you make that Alice in Wonderland costume? It's great!

The Foxy Fam said...

Hooray! I remember when I was Alice in Wonderland and now I have a little Alice of my very own! How sweet are all those cute kids of yours?!! I bet Halloween was so much fun this year! I'm impressed with all the AWESOME pumpkin designs they chose out! Your activities were so cute for your ward party! Way to go girl!

Chelsea said...

Wow - looks like you've had a busy fall! So happy for Kendall's new job - that's nice that he stayed so busy during the last 8 months working other worthwhile things!