Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eye Update and Misc Other

I've had a lot of people asking me how my eye situation is going, so I thought I'd do a little update. Monday was the day that I went into the ER and then to the doctor. Tuesday I woke up and was kind of concerned because I couldn't see out of that eye. Everything was completely clouded over and it still hurt just as bad and nothing seemed better. I went to the doctor again and he said it did look worse, so he wasn't happy with the antibiotic, so he put me on a second antibiotic. So that is now 2 of them that I have to put into my eye every hour of every day and a third drop that is for the pain and swelling 4 times a day. Because I couldn't see out of one eye my depth perception was totally off, so no driving. I could barely pour a glass of milk without feeling what I was doing. I then went to the doctor again on Wednesday and again on Thursday. He is now happy with the progress that my eye is making. I think I pretty much have my eyesight back now and the white bump on my eye is gone and replaced with a little hole, or blemish on my eye from where it ate away my cornea. Most of the time it doesn't hurt and there isn't any permanent damage done (thank goodness!). The doctor said I will probably be on the antibiotics for about 2 months, which means I won't be wearing contacts for a while and I don't even know yet if makeup is allowed. But I'm really counting my blessings that I won't be blind and that they were able to get things under control quickly. I go into the doctor again tomorrow and hopefully the appointments will slow down a little too. It's been pretty time consuming driving all over the place. So that is my update! Thanks for all of your concern and prayers on my behalf. As always I am so lucky to have wonderful family and friends that care so much!

On a side note, I was noticing that I have lots of random pictures that don't quite warrant a whole post, but I'll put them in here for you all to enjoy, especially all of the family who is so far away.

Avri had a preschool open house and program where she got to show us around the museum and some of the projects she's been doing in art (the quilt and the kiln and other things), as well as her classroom. The program was super cute but the videos are to big for me to be able to load since I've never had luck in that department. But here are the pics.
After the program.

This is my little sleeping angel!! She was having a hard time going to sleep today so I went in to find out what her problem was and she asked me to sing her a song. She was asleep by the third verse of "I am a Child of God." Could she be any more precious?
Avri cooked us some scrambled eggs for breakfast. We are fast approaching the days where I don't have to do ALL of the work around here! Hooray! What a big girl.
Avri's preschool unit right now is Native Americans. They did a rain dance with these headdresses and shakers and actually made it rain in the classroom! Too cute.
So I guess I should have called this the Avri post. I'll try to catch Talmage in his rare cute moment. Nothing comes to mind right now. :) haha. He's in that stinker stage right now. But we still love him.


Chaoyi said...

I am so glad to hear you are alright. I bet your kids were worried sick about you! Thanks for keeping us posted. Tell Avri to take good care of you -keep that scrambled eggs coming.

Heather said...

I'm glad to hear your eye is getting better! Avri is getting so big! I can't believe how old she looks! Especially in the pic where she is holding her overall straps! We tried Brooke without her crib front... nope we're not there yet, it was a disaster... so we put it back on! lol

anoyce said...

I'm so glad to hear that your eye is improving! That is such a relief! I hope the pain stays away!

Carrie Wood said...

What a miracle for you! I am glad you won't have permanent damage.
Cute girls!