Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 16, 2009

Spoon River Drive

Last weekend my mom and I loaded up the kids and drove down the Spoon River Drive. For those of you not from Peoria, it is kind of a craft show/flea market type thing that goes on in multiple cities for 2 weekends in the fall. People rent tents and sell crafts, antiques, food, junk, etc. It was fun to see some of the stuff, and interesting that some of it was so junky. We saw a sign for pony rides and so we just had to stop. They were the kind where you actually get to ride around, they aren't attached to some pole. Talmage loved it.

Avri was a pro.
But I think Mercedes loved it the most! Doesn't she look tiny sitting on that great big pony?!?! I walked along with her in case she decided to barrel, but she totally loved it and knew exactly what to do.
In fact if you asked her if she was done you got a look something like this.
I can't help it. I totally get a kick out of this little person! She is so much person in such a small body. I'm still absolutely amazed by these little people that Heavenly Father entrusts to us and how much they know and can do.
Sweet, tender little memories that I will cherish forever!

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Heather said...

How fun! I love all these updates from you guys! I will call you soon... if you want...we're doing dinner group tonight and we'd love to skype you... just a thought.