Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 16, 2009


Avri has been keeping pretty busy. We were able to get her a scholarship to take a dance class for the next couple of months. She is absolutely loving it. They do ballet, jazz, and tap. She is the one in the pink top and black skirt.
I showed her some clips on YouTube of the 3 different types of dance and she really liked the jazz, which they haven't really done in the the first couple of classes. But she loves the tap too with all the noise she is allowed (and encouraged!) to make. Here she is the one on the far right. Wish I was still that flexible!
At the garden a while back she was able to watch the entire process of caterpillar to chrysalis and see the butterflies that they turn into. It just happened to be during the SAME week that they were studying it in preschool. Here she is pointing to the little green cocoon.

I have to admit, I thought it was really cool, too! I just love seeing new things, and I feel like this past year I've had an abundance of learning and knowledge come my way!

This year Avri is really growing in understanding of deeper concepts and it has been interesting as a parent to get into more in depth conversations. It's hard to know how deep to go with a 4 year old who is just so curious. She asked me yesterday what the President of the United States does. Isn't THAT a difficult one to try to answer!! And she wanted to know if he was "good" or "bad." I'm really terrible with politics and so this was a difficult conversation to have, but a good one too. I think that as she gets more curious it has been good for me to try to learn and extend my knowledge a little more as well. The joys of rearing children. I really do love being a mom.

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anoyce said...

Man, it seems incredible all the things you learn from your kids! I can't wait for Danny to be at that stage!