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Our Family

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wow, What a Birthday!

I know I've been a lame blogger, but I didn't realize just HOW lame I've been until I realized I still haven't finished Avri's birthday post!! That was a month ago!!

My Independence Day girl had a grand birthday celebration! Avri turned 4 on the 4th of July. Funny story: We were at the store a couple of weeks after her birthday and she was asking when her next birthday would be so I explained how far away the next 4th of July is. Then she told me that next year her birthday was going to be on the 5th because she will be 5! I laughed and then went into another explanation.

Anyway, the day started with with a very large breakfast at the church. Avri came home and was telling her Great-Grandma all about her "birthday party" where "all of my friends came." I tried hard not to laugh as she explained to my grandma all about how the ward breakfast was a birthday party for her. We had planned to go to the zoo, but it was raining all day, so we came home and opened presents instead.
She was being quite silly about getting her picture taken, so I didn't really get any decent ones of her.
She got a bunch of new clothes, a sing-along CD and book, a new game (shown below), a new swimming suit complete with lessons at the pool,
and the grand finale... a new bike.
She was obviously not riding since since 1) she is wearing flip-flops 2) she is wearing short shorts and 3) she is NOT wearing her helmet. I'm a little paranoid about bike riding I guess.She loves her new bike though and picked up on riding very quickly!

The rain actually did stop in time for fireworks. We had figured they would be cancelled, so we started a movie and were going to have a "movie party" at Grandma's house, but then decided to head to fireworks instead. I'd made the traditional Carmel corn (gooey as can be of course) and Muddy Buddies. When the fireworks started we were saying things like "Happy Birthday!" and other little shouts of joy. I think Talmage was feeling a little left out because he started shouting "Happy birthday to ME!!" and "Happy birthday Talmage!!" I guess one of these days we will have to explain to them both that the fireworks aren't for Avri's birthday, otherwise Talmage is going to feel a little gypped that he doesn't get any on his birthday. Happy belated birthday Avrianna! We sure love you and enjoy having you and your bright little spirit in our home and family!


Anna Oman said...

She is riding a bike now? My Melissa is almost 4 and won't even attempt to pedal.

Chelsea said...

Wow - Avri is such a big girl! I remember coming to see you at the hospital when she was born (wasn't I working that day?!?!) Time goes by so fast - she is adorable!

Heather said...

So cute! That's so fun she thinks that it is all for her! I love it! I want to be young again!