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Our Family

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Swimming Lessons

The last three weeks have been swimming lessons galore. Avri took two weeks of lessons. She is my most skittish in the water. But her lessons have really made a big difference! She will blow bubbles in the water, go under the water, lay down on her back or her belly in the water, and the big one...jump off the side into the water! This is the funnest part for every child but mine. She refused and cried the whole time! But then one time she did it and it just clicked. Now she's decided that it is fun!
Avri with Miss Mariah. She was a cute teacher and GREAT with the kids.
Avri blowing bubbles in the water.
The beginnings of back floating. Now she does much better!
Then this past week Talmage and Mercedes had swimming lessons. They are young enough that we had to be in the water with them, so Kendall took Talmage and I took Mercedes and Avri sat on the side and watched like a good girl. Improvements were made by all!Sadie was the youngest in the class, but she did great! She was so cute with it all.
Talmage LOVED jumping in and could hardly wait to get up and do it again!
The last day we got a free day and so we were able to take the kids down the big slide. They don't let anyone shorter than Avri down the slides and no lap sitters, but they made an exception for us and the kids thought that was so fun. Talmage didn't like the idea at all until he went down once and then he wanted to do it again and again.

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The Gentry Family said...

I SO need to get Aden into swimming lessons! He is 5 and still can't swim! Looks like fun! :)