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Our Family

Friday, April 3, 2009

Potty Scotty anyone?

I have been looking into the program "Potty Training in One Day." Does anyone know about this? I've heard quite a few things about it, and all good. Normally I wouldn't entertain the thought of potty training in one day, but since Kendall is home and could take the girls, I would have the opportunity to try it out with Talmage. Unfortunately I don't have an extra $50 right now to spend on buying the package. I found that the library has the book, but I don't have the Potty Scotty doll. So I thought I'd check and see if any of you have done this and either have the doll, or if you think it could be done without the doll. Any suggestions? I'd even be willing to buy it off someone if they are done with it and don't want it anymore. I just don't have lots of spare change right now. I don't know how wide spread they are, but I thought it was worth a shot!

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Heather said...

I have a book called "Potty Training in One Day" but thats all i have. Apparently it suppose to work like a charm! Good luck!