Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What is this?

Talmage is going through an inquisitive phase (which I'm afraid will probably last for many years). He walks around the house all day asking "What's this?" and "What is this for Mommy?" It's kind of cute for the first 100 or so questions, then it gets tedious. Well a couple of night ago Kendall started asking him the questions. The conversation went like this.

Kendall: What's this Talmage? (pointing to his eyes)
Talmage: Eyes
K: What's this Talmage? (pointing to his ears)
T: Ears
K: What's this Talmage? (pointing to his eyebrows)
T: Eyebrows
(this continues for a couple of minutes)
K: What's this? (pointing to his forehead)
T: Bruise
Melissa: uproarious laughter!!
(Talmage has been a total klutz lately, and so this was an extremely fitting response!)

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