Our Family

Our Family

Friday, February 27, 2009

Cutting teeth

Mercedes FINALLY got teeth! I was beginning to think that she was born without any. But she finally cut two teeth on the bottom. They are very slowly coming in. She is staying true to the other kids and really hasn't been cranky or had a fever or anything. She's had a terrible runny nose, but the whole family has been ridiculously sick lately, so I figured it was from that. Anyway, congrats to Sadie for finally having the teeth and being able to step up in the food world!


argylesocks said...

Bless. My boy got teeth really late and they are coming in in a way random order. It seems easier when it happens a little later and they are a older. CONGRATS ON THE TEETH SADIE!

danniellespackman said...

I wish Grant hadn't started teething till he was older. Natalie was Sadie's age when she got her first ones. I just think age helps them handle things so much better.