Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Break in attempt

We had a little intruder try to break into our house yesterday. His name is Marvin and he is the kids' pet squirrel. We have been leaving sunflower seeds out on the porch for him and he comes to visit every day at almost the same exact time - while the kids are eating lunch. He doesn't seem to nervous about them, even when they stand and bang on the glass door. He sits really close. Well, I ran out of seeds and so when he came looking he could only find empty shells. So he actually climbed up the board around the outside door frame to the handle and was trying to figure out how to open the door!! I couldn't believe it!! Since he seemed so desperate for food I put a piece of bread out there for him and he sat there and ate the entire thing!! Funny little Marvin.

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Em and Jorg said...

cute little guy! you're such a fun mom to invite him over...I'll bet your kiddos were so excited!