Our Family

Our Family

Friday, November 7, 2008

Lego Zoo

It is officially cold now. We went from 80 degree weather to like 40 degrees in one day, so we will be spending a lot more time indoors. A couple of days ago Avri was wanting some attention, so I decided to sit down with Avri and Talmage and make some Lego zoo animals. We spread them all out and had an entire zoo to play with. Avri thought it was great, and Talmage was really enjoying pulling them apart. It took a great deal of work on my part to get a picture of all of them put together. The animals from left to right are: my own renditions of a tiger, a lion, and giraffe, then there is an elephant, a sad excuse for an alligator, a zebra, and then a camel. Then we had to have a concession stand, complete with a cook and a customer and benches. Our version of a zoo made from one small box of Lego's.

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argylesocks said...

I am mightily impressed. What a cute fun way to spend a cold day.