Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Part V - Freeport, Bahamas

Welcome to the island of Freeport, Bahamas. This was an unplanned island on our itinerary, but one that we LOVED!!

 We had to take a taxi ride out to Lucaya Beach. They drive on the wrong side of the road in the Bahamas. Then we walked a little ways to get to the beach. But look how green everything is.
I love the palm trees.

The flowers were beautiful, too.
Once we finally made it to the beach there were vendors everywhere trying to sell you stuff, or braid your hair. The desperately wanted to braid the girls' hair.
 We found a nice spot and the kids got right to work!
 We lathered everyone up with sunscreen, and I think Rigdon got a new coat every half hour. My parents were so worried he would burn.
 The water looked like something out of a picture in a magazine. It was gorgeous. And perfectly warm and calm, I couldn't wait to try snorkeling again.
 So I went out and immediately found some awesome stuff! I couldn't dive down to get stuff, but Kendall would get the stuff that I pointed to. Our most amazing find here were all of the starfish that we found! There were quite a few, and they were big! But you had to look pretty hard to find them.

Aren't they fun?
 We found a bunch of little conch shells, but they were still inhabited, so we couldn't keep them. We got pictures and then put them back.
  My dad spent a bunch of time burying the little ones. They thought this was hilarious!
They had head rests so they laid back and enjoyed the sun.

After we had been at the beach for a few hours Rigdon was getting really tired. So I laid next to him and he fell right to sleep. Little beach bum.
I covered him up so we would fry in the sun.

We eventually got hungry and decided to head back to the ship. I brought snacks for the kids for lunch, but they never wanted to eat. So by about 3:00 I thought we should probably just get back. But we loved this beach. It was perfect.

Next on the itinerary, Nassau, Bahamas.


Heather said...

So oh my heavens! What a fun trip! I literally have been sitting here for 30 min reading it all! You guys did such cool things and got GREAT pictures! I'm jealous of it all and it totally makes us miss you guys!!! You're kids are too cute and are WAY OLD! I can't believe Avri will be baptized this summer! We're looking at doing a family vacation this summer and coming out to see you is a possibility! We'll have to see how it goes after we move! Miss you!

Traveleam said...

Good post. We've posted a similar Freeport Bahamas profile here: http://traveleam.ca/freeport-bahamas-great-deals-on-vacations-to-freeport-bahamas