Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Two Become One

In May we took the opportunity to Drive to Utah once again for a beautiful wedding. Kendall's brother Aaron was sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple to a darling girl named Melissa. The kids think it is so fun that they have an Aunt Melissa as well as a mom Melissa now. :)
 These two are so cute together and we are so happy for them to start their lives together.
 The day of the wedding was quite rainy, but it was really nice otherwise. Here is the Groom's side of the family at the temple. We are growing to be quite the family!! (Notice that besides the baby I am by far the shortest one there!)
 After the temple we went back to the church for a fabulous luncheon! The original plan was to have both the luncheon and the reception in Kendall's parents' backyard. But the cottonwoods were spewing their mess all over the place and so they decided against it. And it was a good thing, with the rain.
 All of the food was so delicious. Kendall and I got there in time to help put some of the food together the day before the wedding, so it was nice to be able to help in some small way.
 After the luncheon we got a picture of all the kids with the bride and groom. Yes, Sadie's hair is still in curlers. I wanted it to look nice for pictures, so I left it in curlers until right before.
 I also got to hold one of the most adorable babies ever (beside my own). ;) This is our new niece Cambria, who we had never met before we saw her at the temple.
All of the men together. Cody, Scott, Aaron, Reed, Kendall and flat Preston.

Preston was the only one actually missing from the pictures. I don't think we have all been together since before Talmage was born, so it was great to get everyone in the same picture.
 I love this little chunk too! This is our nephew that we hadn't met yet, isn't he a doll?!?
 It was great to get some family shots of each group as well. Kennessa with her family:
 Amber with her family:
 Colette with her family:
 And Kendall with his family:
 The reception turned out very nice too.

 Sadie found herself a friend to dance with. This is Alyse, Preston's girlfriend. Sadie just loves her.
 Rigdon had a great time dancing, too. I didn't even get a picture of Avri and Talmage; they were having too much fun playing with cousins.
This was by far our fastest trip to Utah yet. We left Wednesday afternoon and drove through the night getting to Utah Thursday morning. We helped all that day getting food prepared and had haircuts. Friday was the day of the wedding and was plenty busy with running to and fro. Saturday we spent the morning hanging out, playing games and letting the kids have fun with cousins.
 Trampolines are so great for hair do's.
But then by Saturday afternoon we had to leave to come home. So we packed up and made the drive across the country again. It added up to almost as much time in the car as we spent in Utah, but we were so glad that we could go to the wedding and see everyone.

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