Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 22, 2012

End of Year

During the last week of school, our elementary school put on a parade with all of the students at the school who received a B or better grade in conduct. The parade was planned for a very long time and the kids were SOOO excited about it. When I first heard about it I thought it was just going to be in the halls of the school. But, boy was I wrong!! It was a full-blown parade complete with clowns and fire truck.  So we found a great place to watch the parade from and waited. We look really cool in our sunglasses...
 And here comes the parade.
 The principal and secretary sang songs on their own little float.
 There were cheerleaders,
 penant wavers
 basketball dribblers,
 and Avri was a baton twirler.
 They closed down the streets for a few blocks and filled the road! It was really fun.
 One of Avri's best friends since preschool waved to the camera. Hi Campbell!!
 And our neighbor boy, Eric next to Avri's teacher, Mr. Jacobson.
Avri's kindergarten teacher retired this year, so she got a crown and an escort in the parade.
Mr. Jacobson had a difficult job keeping not only a group of boys, but all of their basketballs under control. haha!
And while we are talking about the end of the year, I will go ahead and put pictures from the awards assembly. Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Whetterauer (Avri's teacher and principal) reading off the awards.
 Avri got a medal for the schoolwide reading program. She reached ALL of her reading goals for the year. So that includes number of books read as well as testing accuracy (100%) and grade level.
 She was so humble about it, but I could tell she was really pleased.
 She's such a smart little cookie.
 Back in the classroom with her teacher.
 There was also an end of year concert. It was very cute and well organized. Avri is in the front, near the center here. We had terrible seats and I didn't have the good camera. Oh well. The concert was still fun.
 Two little buddies.
 I also got to attend Avri's field trip to Wildlife Prairie State Park. It was hot, but the kids had a lot of fun looking for all of the animals and things on their checklists and marking them off.

 Waiting in the tiny bit of shade for lunch.
 Even Mr. Jacobson got to sit in the shade for a couple of minutes.
 Avri has lots of little friends. She's a sweet girl.
Avri had such a fabulous year and really thrived in Mr. Jacobson's class. Her reading is amazing, she comprehends more than I could have ever believed, she loves algebra and geometry and writing. She is getting quite fluent in Spanish and can't wait to get older and be able to be involved in the orchestra at school. She's such a smart little girl and we are so proud of her.

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