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Our Family

Friday, April 27, 2012

Cute Little Birthday Girl

 My sweet little Mercedes turned 4 years old on March 25th. Mercedes is known for being just plain old stinkin' CUTE! Here she is on her birthday, in an outfit that she picked out all by herself, headband and all.
 I gave her the choice of planning a little birthday party with some friends, or inviting her favorite family over for a bbq. She decided that she wanted to invite our bishop's family over for a bbq! She LOVES their kids. They are all older than her, but 3 of them have babysat for our kids at some point and they all made such a big deal over her, she was in absolute heaven!
 Kendall got out his wonderful rotisserie and cooked us a pork loin, and some grilled pineapple over the fire.
 Sadie got to open presents. We were having super warm weather that week. It was wonderful to be able to be outside in shorts and not even bat an eye.

 Checking out all of the new toys and putting together the new bike.
 Sadie is our baby doll child. She takes her baby dolls EVERYWHERE. So when we found a bike with a doll carrier we knew we had to get it.
Sadie wanted to decorate her own cupcakes for her birthday treat. Everything was very pink for her party, but she actually isn't all that partial to pink. It was just kind of coincidence. She was having a hard time getting the candles blown out though, so I had to help her.
 Talmage filled the top of his cupcake with sprinkles. But the funny kid didn't want any frosting, so it was quite comical watching him try to eat it!
 Sadie really is such a cute girl. Her smile lights up the room and she is so mischievous in such a cute way. She adds a lot of dynamic to our family.

 This is what I mean by their kids making a big deal over her. Audri sat right down with Sadie to teach her how to use one of her new gifts. She just loved the individual attention.
 And of course the guys had a great time making biscuits on a stick over the fire. I haven't tried this yet, but Kendall is once again adding to his outdoor cooking repertoire.
 The kids all had a great time running around and playing together. Soccer was starting the following day for 4 of the kids, so they were all getting excited about that. (More pictures to come on that topic.)

It was a really nice birthday and Sadie felt so special. She got to have Grandma and Grandpa, her family and some of her favorite babysitters in the world all make a fuss over her. And I must say it was a much easier party to plan than some.

Mercedes was born on March 25th, 2008 in Utah. She was such a beautiful baby, from the moment she was born. She always looked like a porcelain doll with her Angelina Jolie lips.

She fit right into the family from the minute we brought her home. Avri just loved holding her. At the time I felt like Avri was such a big girl. Now I look back how how little she still was. She was still a baby herself, really.

Mercedes was our most high maintenance baby as far as time. She cried a little more and didn't sleep quite as well as the others, but she was such a sweet little thing that I didn't mind.

As Sadie grew, we realized that she was as big a tease as her daddy. And she had him wrapped around her tiny little fingers in no time at all. She had the cutest little faces and expressions, and she did this little eyebrow raise thing that looked like her way of saying "Aren't I cuter than you can believe?"

Mercedes at 1 year - Just before she got glasses
Mercedes on her second birthday
 And again on her third birthday.

We love you Mercedes and everything that you bring to our family!


Kyle and Amy Brinkerhoff said...

I love seeing my pictures of my family on your blog. And I am just a little bit jealous that you see them more than me. :)

Carrie Wood said...

So cute, really. I am not surprised she wanted the Jeffs at the party. How sweet!

argylesocks said...

Melissa, you look great! And Sadie is such a cutie. We hope you are doing great!

Chelsey said...

She's so cute! I can't believe how big your sweet babies are getting. It's good to hear you're all doing so well!!!