Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Visit from the Toothfairy

We have had our first (and second) visit from the tooth fairy in a long line of soon-to-come visits. Avri has had 2 loose teeth for a very long time. In fact they had been loose so long that I had completely forgotten about them. Then a couple of weeks ago Avri told me that she was eating and felt her tooth "rip" and I remembered all too well that strange feeling of "ripping" when those teeth break free. So we started working on her tooth to get it out. I worked on it for a little bit and then Kendall just reached in and pulled it out for her.

Once we got it out I realized the her adult teeth were already through. Both of the bottom front ones! Avri put her tooth under her pillow and the tooth fairy brought a whole dollar! I've heard that is the going rate for teeth these days. Wow. If each of my children loose all 20 teeth that will be roughly $80 that the tooth fairy will be bringing into our home over the next few years. I would like to know where she is getting her money!

Since her second adult tooth was already through the skin we spent the next day working on the next tooth - and this time I was the one to pull it out. It was not easy! She has the tiniest teeth! But we got it out and had a second visit from the tooth fairy. Two teeth in two nights! This is kind of a weird picture, but Avri is suddenly in this weird stage that she can't smile normally. Add the fact that she is trying to show her gaping hole and you get a weirder-than-normal expression.

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