Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 27, 2009

Scout Camp

We don't have ANY pictures of Kendall at scout camp. Why? Because I guess I'm the picture taker in the family and I wasn't there. But Kendall really had a great time at scout camp! He was gone July 13-18th, so 6 whole days without my sweetheart! The last time that I was without him for that long was his mission! He doesn't have a cell phone so we actually didn't even get to talk the whole time which I was sad about. I admit that I was REALLY nervous about being home a full week without Kendall and with 3 small children, but it went tons better than I thought it would. I found that without Kendall I really rely on a schedule and then things run smoothly. That didn't mean that I missed him any less, just that I was able to handle things. Here is a shot of the boys, and the next one I thought was a good picture of one of the scouts (one of Kendall's favorites, shhh, don't tell!) at the shooting range. I heard some pretty crazy stories from that one!It really sounds like all of them had lots of fun. Kendall came back looking quite tan and I had forgotten just how handsome he really is. He actually walked in the door and looked at me and gave me a funny smile. Later he told me that he had forgotten that I had cut my hair, so I took him by surprise! Haha. It's been cut for over 2 months now! So funny.

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Kyle and Amy Brinkerhoff said...

That is actually my favorite scout too! Isn't that a coincendence. :)