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Our Family

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Making Milestones

Mercedes has been out of control these past few days in her development!! I keep thinking "She's a little behind the others, but that's okay" but I think that she has decided to catch up in a few days time. On Saturday she officially started crawling! Up until Saturday she would get up on her knees but she would only go backwards, so she was constantly under a chair or stuck in a corner or under the piano. But now she is totally crawling and getting faster every minute. I'm a total sucker for a sleeping baby, so here she is zonked out in her crib that doesn't have any sheets because I was doing laundry. Notice: her hair is barely long enough to put into pigtails. They look so funny that they are adorable. Mom can't wait until it's a little longer and we can start to make them look nice. (Except I don't know where I'll find time to do 2 little girls hair plus my own.)Avri wanted to hold Sadie the other day so I put them on the couch. When I came back into the room this is what I found. It was so tender I had to get a picture!
My Dad is making one of these adorable little rocking horses for each of his grandkids to have. This one just happens to be Talmage's (hers is still in process) but she is so funny on it. She is always rocking, so I tried putting her on the horse and she just went to town!!
You can see how much fun she is having!
After she started crawling on Saturday, she also started waving "hi." At church on Sunday she waved hi to just about every person in the hall! She has the parade princess wave down to an art!
I can't get this picture to move, so it's out of place. This is before the crawling.
On Monday she learned how to clap her hands. She was taking a bath and was so excited about it that she started clapping, and now she rewards herself for everything by clapping. Later on Monday (yesterday) she decided to start signing, much to Mommy's pleasure. She signed "all done" to me when I finished feeding her and I almost fell off my chair! Today she started signing "more" and was so pleased with my reaction that she signs more and then claps for herself. I totally die laughing. Not only is she signing, but she is also trying to talk. She says "ha" while waving hi, "ba" for bye, she says "ya" when I ask her questions, and she actually says "all done." Go ahead, don't believe me, but I have many witnesses to this fact.
She is still super duper snugly. They are good buds! I can't help it. I'm totally in love with these two.


danniellespackman said...
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danniellespackman said...

Sometimes I think the same thing about Grant. Like " Shouldn't you be rolling over?" and then he does. It's all in their own time I've decided.

Heather said...

So cute! I LOVE her hair! Isn't it so fun! I feel the same way about brooke being behind. So don't even worry! Brookie is only getting to her knees and then falls to her tummy... Oh and that is hilarious about her being smaller than brooke now when it was the opposite when they were newborns!

argylesocks said...

what a cutie she is, as are all you kids. I think some, like my boy, come a little stubborn, but when they do things, they do it with pizazz. They know.

anoyce said...

That is adorable! I can't believe how big she is!