Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 22, 2008

Here's one for Sadie

This post is about Mercedes because my good friend Heather inspires me and because I'm doing a TERRIBLE job at keeping up on baby books after numero tres. So here it is...

Sadie is really good at manipulating. She know how to get what she wants at only 9 months old (well, she will be 9 months on Christmas). She gives great big slobbery open-mouth kisses right on the cheek, or sometimes on your shoulder. Regardless they are wet and slobbery and I LOVE THEM!! She is skinnier than both Avri and Talmage and feels like a feather weight to Kendall and I even though I'm pretty sure she is near the middle to top of the charts. She wears 12 month clothes now, scoots around on her bum and rolls to wherever she wants to get and is fantastic at making messes. She still raises her eyebrows in this seductive, trouble-maker, adorable way that melts our hearts and she has a smile that makes me laugh. She gets VERY upset if you take toys away from her (that includes things that she THINKS are toys like receipts and important papers). She still doesn't have any teeth and I don't think that she will be walking anytime soon. At least we will hope not. She says Ma-ma and Da-da. She prefers to say Da-da unless she is sad and then it's Ma-ma through her tears. She doesn't really love eating, but does okay. That probably explains why she is skinnier than the other two, because they both loved eating. She thinks that Avri and Talmage are both hilarious, and they don't really even have to do anything for her to burst into laughter. She is our snuggliest child and just loved to lay on your shoulder. She detests strangers. Sometimes she cries and sometimes she is just stone-serious, but either way she will not smile with a stranger around. Her Hemangioma seems to be slowing in its growth, but it is still not pretty. We go in to the doctor on Wednesday to see how it has changed. Oh, and she does this rocking horse thing. She is always rocking back and forth, just like she is riding an invisible rocking horse. She does it when she is happy and when she is sad, pretty much all the time. I think that it contributes to the scooting around.

Well, I think that will be sufficient. Now I don't feel like such a terrible mother. I've documented a bit of her baby-hood.


Heather said...

Oh you're so cute! I loved reading it all and seeing how they're the same and how they're different! I miss you guys! We need to chat SOON! MERRY MERRY! (btw, so sorry we didn't get a chance to call Talmadge on his birthday.) LOVE YOU ALL!

danniellespackman said...

We love Sadie too. Cute new family picture!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Your family is adorable. I didn't realize you had a blog. I am a little bit slow! How the heck are you? I miss you! Where are you guys living? How is life? Your kids are darling. I love it! It is so crazy to think that we are all married now with kids! Kind-of blows my mind. Cute blog! SO FUN! I will definately be checking back often! Such a cute little mom! SO FUN!