Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 8, 2008

Big trouble in little packages

It's official - Mercedes is a bum-scooter baby. I always thought that babies who scoot on their bums were just hilarious, and now I am fortunate enough to have one! She continues to be my very funny child. She is starting to figure out how to sit up from being down on the floor and she is getting better about getting on the floor when she is sitting without flopping and hitting her head. She has also figured out how to open drawers (low ones, like dressers and things) so she scoots herself over to them and opens them and takes things out.Other news, I was lucky enough to have all three of my kids get sick on the SAME DAY!! We woke up Friday morning with 3 sick children. I'm really grateful that they got sick together because that means we don't have to pass it around for months like we did all last winter. So we will have a few days of coughing and snotty noses and hopefully it will all go away after that. Hooray!!

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Deb Nott said...

Melissa, I just love you. You are always so great to look at the bright side of things! I don't know many people that are grateful to wake up to 3 sick kids! You are an awesome example!