Our Family

Our Family

Friday, June 27, 2008

Signing Sense

Avri works so hard at sign language. I KNOW that she gets it though when we have conversations like this:
Avri: This is the sign for duck (using all four fingers, instead of one to correct Talmage)
Mom: You can use two fingers for duck, or four.
Avri: That doesn't make sense! That is the sign for "no"
Mom: That is true. But if you sign it by your mouth then it means duck.
Avri: But Mom, if you sign it like this by your mouth it means "frog."
Mom: I know Avri.
Then we have to review the very slight differences between the signs for bird, duck, no and frog. Okay, so explaining sign language in a blog doesn't make sense. I should delete that, but it took so long to type that I don't think I will.


Whitney said...

oh wow.. your kids are adorable! I noticed on your facebook you have a blog! I do this way more.. so i thought i'd check yours out!! I didn't know you guys moved! Congrats on the new house, and new job!!! YOu have the cutest family!:) Keep in touch!

Shawn and Mish said...

I think it is great that signing has been beneficial for your kids. I have several friends who tried it. I don't know what they did differently but they now the children have speech issues only correctable with speech therapy. I think signing helps a lot of kids. It sure helped Nora when we were trying to get her to talk more. Now she doesn't stop! Your little Avri is so beautiful. I wonder which of you she looks more like?

Stacy & Michael B said...

That is too funny...little Avri is too smart for her own good! Ty still talks about signing time with her...I guess I need to get them still...and those pics are adorable, they have already grown so much!

Papa said...

Miss and Love you all!