Our Family

Our Family

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I have been enjoying my children lately and all of their extremely unique personalities. They say and do so many funny things. Many of them may not be funny to everyone, but just the way that they do things is funny. On a recent trip to Lowe's I realized what a boy Talmage is in comparison to Avri's "girlishness." Talmage said "Tractor, tractor, tractor" all the way through the store and insisted on poiting out each and every large John Deere tractor. Avri, on the other hand used the strings on her shirt brush her face and when I ased her what she was doing she replied "I'm putting on my make-up." We are in a hardware store and she is "putting on make-up."

I don't have pictures to go with these little stories, so I will just post some random ones for fun, I guess. Who wants to read a blog with no pictures? Here are some from this weeks' adventure to get all three kids pictures taken. What a brave Mom I must be to do all three at the same time.

A couple of days ago Mercedes decided to roll over. She has only done it the one time, so nobody really believes me, but it happened. I put her down for a rare tummy time when both siblings were sleeping and there was no danger of being stepped on, and she instantly flipped to her back. I ran to get the camera and she refused to do it again.

(I didn't order this picture but I thought it was pretty cute, or at least funny.)


Sara Hurd said...

That happened with Miriam, too! But with her, Daddy and Grandma were there but Mom wasn't.

Paul, Janie, and McKay said...

Your kids already look like they've grown so much! How can that be? This is your big week with the signing on your new house. Good luck! Miss you guys.

Shawn and Mish said...

They are so cute. It is so hard to get all children to cooperate for a photographer at the same time! I haven't attempted it in months, and now I am just waiting for my better half to get home so we can get a family portrait done.