Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Visit From Aunt Amber

During the month of August we got to have a visit from Aunt Amber. We haven't had any time to really get to know our new Uncle Josh, so it was so great to have them come to Illinois for a few weeks and spend a bunch of time with us!! It was really hot, but we still found time to play outside. :)

 We also went to a Chiefs Baseball game.
 We got a couple dozen hot dogs (!!!) and wrapped all of the foil into a large baseball of our own.
 It was fun to watch a baseball game that was a little more action packed than the t-ball that Talmage did this summer.
 And we even got our picture taken with the mascot!

 We got to read stories, and Amber and Josh took us to the park for a picnic!! But since Mom didn't come we don't have any pictures of that. But it was our favorite!

 Uncle Josh is an auto mechanic, so the guys spent lots of bonding time in the garage and completely replaced the engine in Daddy's truck, along with a few other parts. It was a big job!
 And who doesn't love a fort in the playroom?

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