Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Look

Talmage has a new look these days:

And, as of tonight, so does Sadie:
I actually didn't ask her to pout, she is just very unhappy that she won't be pretty for a long long time. This shows how well my almost 4 year old has been listening lately. I asked her to wait while I put her brother in bed, and this is what I get.

As for Talmage, he is very excited about his new glasses! He has had them for a little over a week now and they still aren't broken! So he has outlasted my expectations. ;) Who would have guessed we would have 2 kids in glasses by the age of 5? Oh well...


Allison Dietz said...

What a handsome little boy! What is he all dressed up for? Did you guys do something fancy tonight?

DeCaires Family said...

Oh my goodness....the bangs! I bet you died! Just remember, better hair then something else...it grows back! Poor baby girl! It is pretty comical though.