Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Temple Square

On Christmas Eve I really wanted to take the kids to see Temple Square in Salt Lake City with all of their Christmas lights and Nativity displays. We opened our Christmas Eve gifts, which were homemade hats and scarves for the whole family, and we bundled up to head North.We parked about a half mile from Temple Square and rode the train the rest of the way, which was one of the kids' favorite parts of the entire night. My brother and his wife and my sister also came with us. It was great to spend some time with them and so nice to have extra adult hands to help with the kids, since Temple Square was packed.Right outside the gates to Temple Square there was a bagpipe player who absolutely loved our yellow hats. He said they made him "feel all warm like sunshine." So we took our picture with him.
The Temple was beautiful, as always. And the lights were fabulous. Even though it was very cold, it was a wonderful way to get into the true feeling of Christmas.
We haven't used our camera very much at night, so we ended up playing with the settings quite a bit and some of our pictures are a little interesting, but we did get some beautiful shots.
I think this was my favorite Nativity that they had displayed. It was in the middle of this big reflective pool of water with these beautiful glowing candles floating on top of the water. It was so peaceful.
They had these beautiful metal lanterns displayed all over that had Christmas scenes depicted on them. I told Kendall I want him to make me some to line my driveway. ;)
Ammon had brought his tripod for his camera, so he set it up and we all actually got into a picture together. We were pretty frozen by this point, but still smiling.
We also watched the narrated Nativity that they have and it was quite beautiful as well. It was really hard to get pictures of though, so I don't have any great ones.
Being here really felt like home. I have so many memories of being on Temple Square. In fact the first date that Kendall took me on was around Christmas time up at Temple Square. It felt a little like deja vu, but so many things have changed since then. In the past 12 years we have been married for 8 1/2 years, moved 3 times, and had 4 beautiful children. But Temple Square will always be a place of beauty, peace and good memories for me.


Allison Eggett Dietz said...

What fun memories! We would still love to get all the pictures that Ammon took with your camera :)

Janine said...

i missed temple square this december. it has always been a christmas staple. glad you had fun.