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Our Family

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Very Wet Birthday Party

Avri planned her first real birthday party with friends this year. She came up with all of the games herself, and it was actually very simple to put together. I think I spent more time on the invitations than on the rest of the party.

Party day was HOT HOT HOT and very humid. So we were extremely glad to be playing in water. As we were getting things set up we let Rigdon play in one of the water buckets. He was having so much fun that I went to get the camera. It was so humid and hot that the lens immediately steamed up and it took a looooong time to clear. Have I ever mentioned that I hate humidity?
For party favors Avri picked bubbles and squirt guns.
As the guests were all arriving we found a worm/caterpillar thing and so Talmage decided to let it climb up his bare chest. The kids LOVED watching that!
Getting ready for a water balloon toss... Thanks to Kendall, who spent the entire morning filling literally hundreds of water balloons!
After the tossing, the kids all wanted balloons broken over their heads. And it DID feel good.
Next we did a water race. We divided into 2 teams. Each team had a big bucket filled with water and smaller empty one and 2 sponges. They were SUPPOSED to fill the sponge and pass it down the line, empty it into their bucket and try to be the first team to completely fill their bucket. This team really got the idea of it.
The other team had all of the boys, and the 2 little kids (3 yr olds) and they totally didn't get it. They ran around crazy instead of staying in formation. But those boys were inventive in getting ALL of the water into the bucket, and they ended up winning!

The "girl" team followed all the rules and were so dainty about squeezing their sponges.
Next was a version of Duck Duck Goose. The person who was "It" filled the sponge with water and the person who got the goose got water squeezed over their heads. They had so much fun with this one!
Then we played on the slip 'n slide and ran in the sprinklers, just to make sure every inch of us was drenched.
We sang happy birthday and cut the cake and had bomb pops - to go along with the 4th of July birthday!

I admit I was a little worried about how crazy 12 little kids was going to be, but they were so much fun! They didn't get out of control at all, and everyone had a great time!


Ammon said...

That sounds like a fun party. To bad we were one day late for that!

Allison Eggett Dietz said...

So much fun! That's awesome that Avri came up with all of the games!

Heather said...

So fun! Looks like it was a GREAT party! Love it! I might have missed the description, but what are bomb pops?!

Kyle and Amy Brinkerhoff said...

Cute cake!

danniellespackman said...

Happy Birthday Avri!!! Looks like a great party!!

The Foxy Fam said...

How stinkin' fun! I love how you let her plan it herself and her cake looked AWESOME!!! :)

Carrie Wood said...

Such a fun party - how cool that she planned it, too.