Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The End of Kindergarten

At Avri's End-of-Year Concert we got a few pictures, though she was hard to see and find, since the entire school was on the stage at once! The concert was very long and the gym was very hot, but it was still fun to see her singing her heart out to the songs she had been working on all year.

Where's Waldo...I mean Avri?
The happy baby waiting for the concert to start. Let's face it though, this baby is always happy.
All done, and time to go home!
We can't seem to get enough pictures of this little face.
Avri receiving her end-of-the-year awards from the principal. We are so proud of our little smarty!
Daddy was thoughtful enough to get her a bouquet of flowers.
Avri and Mrs. Stepping, her WONDERFUL kindergarten teacher.
Avri has always been our most academic child. This is the girl who taught herself the entire alphabet at 14 months and was speaking in full sentences by about 16 months. Now that she is 6 she can tell time, count up to any number through about 999, and she is reading CHAPTER books! So far this summer she has read over 250 pages from chapter books. She is currently on Charlotte's Web and she really doesn't even need help. She can read from the scriptures almost flawlessly and has the most amazing vocabulary. Avri can reason better than half of the adults that I know and she is our "rule follower." She is always so worried about people who aren't following the rules (or the commandments) and always wants to know very specific ages that she can do things so that she doesn't break the rules and do things too early. In fact, I remember when Avri was 3 and I knew that if I worked with her a little she would be able to pick up reading. But she told me so matter-of-factly that I thought she was 15 "Mom, 3-yr-olds don't read." And that was that. She would not let me teach her until she was almost 5. Needless to say, she got the best marks you could get and the only complaint her teacher ever had was that she sometimes drifted into her own little world. :) We think the problem was that she would get bored and tune out and then have a hard time knowing when to come back to earth. We are so proud of our Avri and all of her accomplishments!!

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