Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a Vacation!

We fit so much fun into 3 weeks in Utah! I was hoping to blog about it while we were there so that I didn't have so much to do when I got home, but I wasn't very successful in that endeavor. I already wrote about the first couple of days, visiting with the family and having dinner and seeing everyone. On Monday we went to visit my Grandma and Grandpa and the kids had a great time swinging on the swings.
And we got an updated picture of all of them together.
The weather was gorgeous! (No humidity!!!) It was warm and beautiful for the first few days. It rained the rest of the time and was cool, which I don't ever mind. The only problem was that I didn't really pack enough long pants (wasn't expecting to need them in June) so we did a lot of laundry. One night we went to one of our favorite restaurants with my brother and sister in Provo. We miss this place! Great food, lots of it, and cheap prices.
June 3rd was Kendall's and my 6 year anniversary. We planned to spend it by going out to eat (yes again!) and going to a movie. Not completely original, but things that we don't ever do. Well, that plan was changed when we woke up that morning to two puking children. So this is how we spent our anniversary. (Notice the essentials, wipes, a blanket to cover the carpet, and 2 puke buckets.)
This is actually a family tradition. It really wouldn't be a vacation without cleaning up throw up. I can't think of ONE vacation that we've been on where at least one of the kids doesn't get sick. Oh well. :)

We went swimming a couple of different times, and the kids finally warmed up to the idea of trying to be in the water without death-gripping an adult. We made great strides. We also got to see TONS of family and friends and that was the very best part of everything, just getting reacquainted.

We hit 3 family reunions while we were there and actually got to see some extended family that I had never even met, as well as all of the ones that I miss so much. One of our reunions was at Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. It was COLD and WET. We ended up sitting around in blankets and drinking hot cocoa. But we did find this GREAT park. The kids loved it!
Mercedes wouldn't get off this swing! It was made from a tire, but was shaped like a horse. It was kind of cute in a home-made sort of way.
This park was complete with a Merry-Go-Round! I didn't think that they had those anymore!
The kids had so much fun, but I think that Kendall's brothers may have had even more fun. They loved that Merry-Go-Round.

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Sarah said...

We just got home from our Utah trip today and we also had a family reunion in Lava Hot Springs! We were able to go in the pool though. I liked seeing your pictures! I recognized the park for sure!