Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nauvoo and Miscellaneous

This post is late, but that seems to be my life these days. First I'll do some random pics of the kids, since those never quite make it on here.
Talmage eating his lunch through the weird ball thing.
A perspective on how small Sadie's glasses are.
They even look cute on her favorite little lamb.
An update on the glasses, she does great wearing them!! She takes them off when she is tired because she gets frustrated that she can't rub her eyes and when she gets bored of sitting in her carseat. Other than that she totally leaves them alone.

A couple of weeks ago we took Kendall's parents to Nauvoo. It was a very quick trip, so we didn't really see all of the sights, but Kendall and his parents did a temple session while the kids and I played at the Family Living Center. We then drove around and looked at the houses and buildings and found the plaque of one of Kendall's ancestors who built the first member home in Nauvoo.We spent the night at a hotel in Keokuk, and the kids LOVED that. We got to swim in the pool and Talmage's very favorite thing was riding the "excavator" up and down. We could never get him to say elevator. Sunday we went to church and then went to Carthage on our way home. I always love the spirit at Carthage jail and I think I always come away with something new when I go there. Here is the family in the room where Joseph Smith was killed.
Avri and Talmage with Grandma and Grandpa outside Carthage Jail.
Siblings taking their picture with siblings. This was the best I could get, they wouldn't hold still!
After the jail we found a little park there in Carthage to eat some lunch and it was a really fun little park. I even rode on this tire swing and now I want one of these swings in my back yard.

As a side note, we changed our minds yet again, and we ARE in Utah now. Surprise!! We have no idea how long we will be here, but hopefully we can see everyone while we are here. We left at 9:00 pm on Thursday and just drove straight through the night to Utah. It was LONG but the kids were total troopers and didn't complain once! And we didn't even have to turn on the DVD played until half way through Nebraska!


Heather said...

I'm so excited that you guys are here! That's awesome they did so good on the road trip! I want to see you guys before Sunday... lets get together!

Greg & Andrea said...

Your kids are really cute and what a fun trip.

Sunny said...

We'd love to see you if we could. Let us know when and where and we'll make it if we can...we have a week this week!

Ben and Laura said...

Melissa, you have a goregous family! I seriously love being able to see updates!! You have beautiful kids :)

Whitney Parry said...

Your family is seriously so fun!:) I love watching them grow! Gotta love the blogs! Stop by Cobblestone if you get a chance!:)

anoyce said...

Yeah! I'm so excited to see you guys! And that sounds like a wonderful trip! I love Nauvoo and want to go back some time! Anyway, we'll see you Sunday!