Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our busy weekend

Immediately after Kendall's graduation we drove down to St. George, arriving way past the kids' bedtimes. While we were down there were were able to go to a family reunion and a wedding. Kendall spent the weekend driving all over Southern Utah with my Dad looking for interesting rocks (which they did find along with lots of pretty scenery and some cool lizards as well). It was a busy weekend and we had fun until Saturday night when Talmage woke up throwing up all of the hot dogs that he had scarfed down for dinner. So we spent the whole night cleaning up one mess after another at the condo we were staying in, since Talmage is still too young to understand how to throw up in a bucket. Here are some pictures from our trip (I will leave out the sick part :) ).

Sunday we drove home and then that evening we were able to bless Mercedes at Kendall's parents' house. We decided to just have a very small, non-traditional blessing, since this was the only time my dad would be able to be a part of it. We only had our immediate families there and the grandparents that were able to attend. It was very relaxed, which was a nice change. Kendall gave a beautiful blessing and Mercedes just slept through the whole thing as well as dinner afterward. But she looked beautiful.

(Talmage is not in the picture because he was still really sick with a very high fever, so Grandma stayed home with him so he didn't get everyone else sick. It's been 5 weeks since Mercedes was born and we still don't have a picture with all five of us. It's too difficult to get us to all look decent at the same time. :) I guess that is life with 3 kids.)

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Anonymous said...

Cute baby!! Congrat's on the graduation and the new job! I'll miss you guys around here! But good luck!